Sunday, May 6, 2012

How Does Creating Make Me Feel....

New question of the day for Art on The Lane Artists:  How Does Creating Make Me Feel....

Well, it seems to be something I cannot do without, so creating makes me feel complete.

When I paint, I have a tendency to zone out everything around me, letting hours go by before I take a break. That's how painting is. One idea builds on another, and before you know it, you don't want to put your brush down, and your life can fall apart around you.

That's where balance comes in. I have to tell myself to stop after a certain amount of time; usually this stopping point is comparable to going anaerobic during a workout, which is when you've exhausted your ability to produce positive results.

No matter where I am in the painting, it is better to stop what I'm doing to take a break.  Coming back later with a fresh body and mind is much more productive than forcing a finished project before its time.

I have three new small oil paintings in the gallery this month. Cake without the calories! 

Please enjoy,
Linda McSweeney

When my work is going well, I hardly feel that I am feeling at all.  Instead, I am swept up in a process that has only a little to do with me.  What I supply is whatever skill I can with brushes or paint—but under the direction of the authority of the painting itself and how it must manifest.   One stroke seems to inform me of what to do next.  If the impressions stop coming, I know I need to stop.  The parts of the canvas where I try to “make it up” or supply an answer myself are not beautiful and look as if they do not belong.  Back to feeling---almost nothing feels better than this!   
Lee Audia

I love being an artist.  It allows me to feel more deeply and be aware of the world around me.  I have a deep appreciation for my surroundings and notice everything like the shape and colors of clouds, the setting sun casting a warm glow of light, the 12 noon sun making the ocean a translucent blue so alive inviting one to swim, the appreciation of a weathered face full of character and story.  We all have different things that inspire us.  Some artists paint their pain, political subjects, pretty landscapes etc.  I am moved to paint beautiful landscapes and symbolic images, things that connect, ground, inspire, or make me happy.  I am always looking to stay positive.  The creating process for me whether it be writing, growing a business, expanding my website, creating YouTube videos, or painting puts me in the zone especially when it is going well!  However, painting is the most Zen out of all my creative pursuits!  To create gives me a satisfied and productive feeling.  Any one can make the choice to be creative and fulfilled.  I encourage you to find what your creative outlet is.  There are many choices and if you are not yet skilled you can be as long as you set side a time to learn and just "Do It!"

Kathy McCartney

In photography, it really depends on the outcome. If it is a successful shoot it feels very good, especially when your clients say you nailed it! Having patience and knowing what you want the final outcome to look like are keys for a successful shoot.

The attached shot was done on the second day of a hike in the Grand Canyon. Having the luxury to preview the shot the day before, it really helped the successful outcome of this image. Understanding the direction of the light and the correct time of day gives you enormous confidence.
R$ch McVey

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