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What are the personal disciplines an artist must possess to succeed in this business.

Here are the answers:

My answer maybe a little different from most of the artists on the Lane.  As my discipline is on the initial shoot. I have to pick the right time of day, the moment and the attitude that I am looking for. After the shoot things can get more creative. In the new digital world I can do so many more things than in the past to improve the shot and or repair the shoot.

I think being a successful photographer depends on what you consider successful. Making money is great but the real satisfaction of photography is looking at what I shoot  and say it's "perfect." 

Rich McVey

"Silver Andalusian" 16x20 oil on canvas of a white 
Andalusian horse.  The white coats of these horses
are really beautiful.  They have an iridescent, almost 
metallic cast. This painting will be available for sale
 in the gallery,beautifully framed.
To succeed in the art business or even to participate in sales, is always difficult. I find that to keep the interest of customers and patrons, you must first of all pique their interest with choices.  People like choices.  They like to have a variety of art to choose from ... subject, color compositions, and sizes, as well as price range.  In art, the market range is enormous so your offerings should include original works,  prints, sculptures, and your own designs on merchandise, as well.  And don't give up.  You never know when you will find a way to a breakthrough.  Sometimes epiphany is the driving force behind art...whether it is inspiration during the creation of a painting, or thinking up a new way to sell it.
Linda McSweeney

In answer to your question I think an artist, who works alone with no supervision but his own, must
be able to self-motivate and self-regulate. He (or she) must set aside the hours necessary to complete enough work to present to the market in order to make a living or certain failure will result.
In addition to a disciplined work ethic the artist must also allow enough time to do marketing and research on subject matter.  Good personal planning and self-discipline are essential to success.

Charles White

Certainly, anyone working for themselves must have discipline to succeed. For artists, drawn to art by intrinsic motives, it is essential, not only to persevere as a painter, but to discipline themselves to do what is necessary to market and sell their work. 

Since I would rather paint than deal with the latter, I had to establish a plan with objectives as a road map for discipline.

For example, the more paintings an artist can have on display in galleries, shows, and other venues at one time, the greater potential for sales.  To achieve some balance between the need to paint, market my work, and keep up with the business end of art, required some personal discipline on my part. In my case it meant establishing a planning calendar to ensure that none of these three essentials is loss in the shuffle, specially time to paint, and find gratification as an artist.

What are the personal disciplines an artist must possess to succeed in this business?  A realization I have had is about finishing:  Just because the painting is signed it doesn’t mean that the artistic process is complete.  The artist  must now be disciplined enough to help create a “soft landing,” a home, a place in the world for the painting.  A painting must come into its own use, just like a ceramic vase does after it is removed from the kiln and glazed.  The lure of sales may seem to be the sole motivation for placing work in a gallery or buying a booth at an art fair or displaying it on a website, but underlying this also is the need—the pull--of the work itself to be seen.

                                                                      Lee Audia

"Success is how well I enjoy the minutes" said producer Norman Lear.
While I think that this is a great attitude to live by, given a choice, I would just shut myself in and paint, paint, paint. That would make me a happy painter but not a successful business person. Reality dictates that both painting and having a business plan are necessary for success.
In an attempt to achieve this goal, I display my work as much as possible in art fairs, galleries, restaurants. I send in applications to art contest. You never know when a judge might take a fancy to ones work. Finally, I always have business cards and brochures with me to give out if the opportunity arises.
And of course, I paint, paint, paint because that also is necessary to continue to improve the quality of my work.

Joanne Robinson

To succeed in the art world focus and discipline are very important.  It can be difficult when you have other responsibilities. It is always a juggling act.  For myself I find it helpful to be as organized as possible and learn to say no to outside distractions.  To be successful one needs to develop good business skills, find ways to connect with likeminded individuals, and make the sale to their audience.  This is no time to be shy about yourself or your work.  You must be brave and market yourself.  It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you will need to get used to the idea and spend time in this area.  It is also important to network and knock on doors.  With the advent of the Internet we artist can now reach beyond our local borders the world is our oyster.  The artist needs to create a buzz.  The more you are yourself the better.   We each have a unique personality and life story.  Share it and be authentic.  People like to feel they are connecting with the artist and their work.  It adds value.

Kathy McCartney

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