Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Art On The Lane Gallery

November 2011

Art on The Lane Gallery
100 Railroad Avenue #D
Danville, CA.  

The art gallery features 10 creative artists:  Barbara Davies, Charles White, Don Eagling, Evan Davies, Frances Hosmer, Joanne Robinson, Kathy McCartney, Linda McSweeney, Rich McVey and Stephen Sanfilippo. 

See the visual creations and meet the artists Sunday December 4th, 2011 from 1pm to 4pm.  Enjoy complimentary cocktails and appetizers.  This event is free to the public.  Support your local artisan and purchase one of a kind artwork.

Take a virtual tour:   See the YouTube video of our new gallery

"The Stinking Rose" original oil painting 24x30
Sales price $1,395.00
by artist Joanne Robinson

"You don't have to travel far in order to have the European experience. Just visit our beautiful city across the bridge San Francisco and North Beach. All the restaurants with their outdoor seating remind me of Europe. I really enjoy using color in my paintings and this was the perfect opportunity to play with the color red." artist Joanne Robinson

"Don't Mess with My World It's All I Got" 
original oil painting 30"x40"
by artist Kathy McCartney

"This image is a subtle statement visually and yet the title says it all. This young woman has her hand on her hip strong, defiant and beautiful. She stares out over her South Pacific home. The water is clear and pristine. Over the horizon there are signs of trouble. A big storm is approaching. “Don't mess with my world it is all I got” is a statement to protect our environment. The disturbance is not always natural, it can be man made. Let's protect our beautiful oceans. We are all connected and it is more valuable than oil. We truly need clean water for our survival.  This original oil painting is on sale the month of December for $1,500." artist Kathy McCartney

Jewelry artist by Frances Hosmer

"My love of fashion and costume jewelry has inspired me to use my talents and create Frannies Creations. My jewelry is inspired by different types of metals, precious stones and glass beads. My ultimate goal is to create fashion jewelry that all can afford and enjoy. Everyday I learn something new as I work with stones and metals from the earth. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do making them." jewelry artist Frances Hosmer

"Martini Heart" original photograph $35 to $450
 by artist Rich McVey

"This is from my last shoot. My client wanted a series of shots for their logo and their website. I took several pictures and after I finished, I went back and spent a little time in Photoshop and put the final touches on it. I morphed the pimiento into a heart as they all should look that way!  You have to love a good appletini with a heart!"  by Photographer Rich McVey


"Horses are a favorite subject of mine to paint, and this newest work is entitled "Dark Andalusian". The size is 24 x 36 x 1.5, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, and priced at $1200.00. It is inspired by the beautiful Spanish horse breed, the Andalusian. They come in many colors, but mostly grey, white, and dark bay. Considered the horse of Spanish and European nobility... elegant, fearless, and intelligent, these horses are still prized today, all over the world.  In fantasy movies, for example, such as "Gladiator", or "Lord of the Rings ", when a bold, beautiful war horse is called for, or a horse that might represent a mythical Unicorn, the Andalusian is always a first choice."  Artist  Linda McSweeney

Painting by Charles White http://www.charleswhiteartist.com

The size of the painting is 24 x 36 and the price is $2,450.00
by artist Barbara Davies www.bdaviesart.com

"My work is inspired by the places I love.   I strive to capture the interplay of light, shadow and reflections in the courtyards, cafes and piazzas of Europe, and, more recently, San Francisco." artist Barbara Davies

"The painting, titled Monastery Beach, is 18 x 24, and the price is $1200. I really enjoy painting on-site in and around Carmel. This scene is a vista from near the Horseshoe bend on south Scenic Drive looking from Carmel River Beach across the Bay to Monastery Beach located just south of Carmel along Highway 1. The Monastery tower, just jutting above the trees in the painting is a well known landmark. Previously, I made a small on-site painting of the same scene with less detail that I liked, and was inspired to do this larger one with more focus on the rocks."  artist Don Eagling


"Native American" portrait in pencil
18 x 24 original sold, limited edition prknt $475
by artist Evan Davies

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